We get the links others can’t

by doing the hard work they won’t

We combine creative strategy, effective outreach and good ol’ fashioned grit
to build links that grow your traffic and revenue on money and landing pages.

Before links, we build you a strategy.
Because ROI is never an accident.

Once we’re aligned on your goals and your offering, audience, and brand, we’ll analyze your entire content portfolio for linkable assets.

You’ll be shown exactly how we believe your site can add value and the competitive advantages we’ll use to get you covered.

From then on, you don’t need to do a thing – other than review our monthly link reports.

* We do not create content for clients, but can refer top talent.

You’re smart to care about quality.
We’re ruthless about ensuring it.

You don’t want links from spun content, link farms, or networks. To make
sure every link is legit, we evaluate every opportunity on:

Topical Relevance

We research what the site owner writes about to ensure their audience would actually care about your content.

Previous Linking Behavior

If a site has linked to similar assets in the past, it’s a good sign they’ll link to you as well.

Eye Test

If a site looks like spam or a place we wouldn’t want a link from ourselves, it’s immediately disqualified.

Backlink Metrics

From authority to link sources, we scrutinize for unnatural patterns Google wouldn’t approve of.

Audience Indicators

We look for authentic engagement and real interactions both on and off the site.

Monetization & Content Sources

We review past posts to avoid sites heavily monetized by paid links, guest posts, or advertorials.

Finally: personalized email pitches
that won’t embarrass or expose you.

Our pitches routinely obliterate industry averages because they feel like they come from a familiar friend.

To multiply your odds of securing a link, we painstakingly research the person behind the site: their interests, audience, and past behavior, then send a pitch thet feels extremely one-to-one.

They’ll have a compelling reason to care about – and share – your content.

You only pay when we get links —
and can prove it.

Prior to beginning our engagement, we’ll work with you to establish your maximum monthly budget.

We’ll also establish a standard bounty for each link secured that meets mutually agreed upon criteria.

Every month, you’ll be given a detailed breakdown of where we earned links, so you can be confident they came from mix of real, relevant sites with actual readership.

You’ll only pay for what’s built within the agreed budget.

Jon sees links where others see impossibility ...

Jon has provided valuable business advice and linking strategies for my brand on multiple occasions. He has unique ability to see link opportunities where others see impossibility. Imagine a perfect blend of PR, business development, and link building – that is precisely what you get with Jon Cooper.

David Angotti, CEO & Co-Founder, SmokyMountains.com

This might be the last outreach

you have to send yourself.

Are we the right fit?

Hyperlynx is the perfect fit for clients who…

  • Already have content or pages to promote
  • Have a minimum budget of $6k/month
  • See link building as a long-term strategy

We do not work with clients in online gambling, supplements, adult content, or payday loans.

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